To ensure that the time spent in our camping remains real pleasure to all of our guests, we’ve defined some rules, which we kindly ask to observe.
Recommended time for arrival: we kindly ask you to arrive till 23.00 evening time on the day you’ve booked.
Recommended time for leave: on Sunday – either immediately after the race, or considering the reduced traffic jam it is recommended to wait 2-3 hours.
On Monday morning we kindly ask you to leave the campsite at 10.00 in the morning.

Restrictions about noise

During your stay in our camping we kindly ask you not to disturb the other guests. Between 23.00 in the evening and 7.00 in the morning there’s a period of silence, please avoid the usage of any kind of noisy instruments and tools (like any type of music player equipments, horns etc.)

Fire – fire protection

In the summertime we expect fire restriction to be in place. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to build campfires. Food can be prepared only in safe and secure equipments (for example charcoal grill, portable camping grill, contact grill).
Smoking is allowed only at the assigned spots with avoiding any kind of fire incidents.
Usage of any type of pyrotechnical tools and equipments is stricktly forbidden.


On the campsite we provide access to electricity at several locations, which is in line with the European standards, with 230 V. Before usage we kindly ask you to make sure that the equipment you’d like to connect is compatible with this standard and that the equipment can be operated securely. For any inappropriate use we can’t take the responsibility.
Charging electric cars on the campsite is not allowed.

Safety and personal belongings

Once you arrive to our camping, you’ll receive a waterproof wristband. We kindly ask you to wear this all the time through your stay and always show that to our guards or receptionists once you leave or enter the campsite. If it would become unwearable, we can provide a new one at the reception.
Our infopoint (reception) is available non stop. We also have guards on the campsite non stop, in the evening the security team is expanded with additional guards and watchdogs. In case of emergency we can turn to the police and civil guards, who are in charge during the weekend.
The 2 main entrances of the campsites are non stop open, the pedestrian’s entrance at gate 6 is closed in the evening (for exact timing please study the information table at that entrance). While this entrance is closed, the campsite can be accessed through the main entrance next to the reception.
We kindly ask you to keep your valuables and personal belongings either safely locked or keep it with yourself. We can’t take any responsibility for loss and/or damage of your belongings. Lost and found objects can be left at the reception.

Traffic and parking on the campsite

On the campsite only our guests with visible wristband are allowed to stay. The campsite can’t be used for parking purposes only. We kindly ask you to always observe the traffic regulations, drive with a maximum speed of 5 km/h and look out for the safety of the pedestrians.
We kindly ask you to park your car/camper and/or place your tent in parallel with the others and ensure that a safety road remains accessible to all our guests. The safety road shall be sutiable for parallel traffic – this is required for all our guests safety and comfort.


Usage of drones in our campsite and around the Hungaroring is strictly forbidden.


Usage of any kind of pools is not allowed, that’s because of the water restrictions in place.

Waste management

Any kind of waste should be collected in the bags provided by our team. You can get these bags at arrival at the reception. Before your leave we kindly ask you to bring the bag to the closest waste collection point.



Where is the camping located? How can I get there?

Our campsite is located next to gate 6 of Hungaroring. You can find us on Google Maps, the exact GPS coordinates are as follows:
47.575888989162294, 19.253790628022347
As usually on the weekend of the Grand Prix there’s a one-way traffic and/or traffic diversion, we suggest to check the official website of the police for the planned regulations.
Please note, that 1-2 hours before the start of the daily programs the traffic increases significantly, and after the programs due to the traffic diversion our campsite can be accessed with some difficulties, so please plan your drive accordingly.

How could I access the Hungaroring from the camping?

At the end of our campsite, next to the Hungaroring there’s a pedestrian’s gate providing you a safe and easy access to the track.

Arrival, check-in

When can I arrive and check in?

Please plan your arrival between 7.00 in the morning and 23.00 in the evening time. In case you arrive out of this time period, you are allowed to access your spot only at 7.00 in the morning, placing your tent(s) and parking your car(s)/camper(s) is possible only then.

Where should I check in and what documents are required?

Once you arrive, we kindly ask you to check in at the reception next to the main entrance. For the check in we’ll ask for your booking confirmation (printed or digital versions are both accepted) and please bring either the passport of the ID card of all the persons in your team. That’s required for administrative purposes.
Please note, that some charges should be paid while checking in (for example tourism tax and charge for electricity). Our colleagues can only accept cash, payment by credit or debit card is not possible. Accepted currencies are HUF and EUR, we can’t accept any other currencies.

Is there any possibility to book an exact location?

We fill the spots in order of arrival, booking an exact location is not possible.

Leave – check-out

What should I do when I leave?

No formal check-out is required from our end.

When do I need to leave the camping?

In case your booking is valid till Sunday, you may leave after the race, on other days till 10.00 in the morning. Please note that our colleagues start to close the camping on Monday at 10.00 in the morning, after this time no electricity and water will be available.


Can I access electricity in the camping?

Yes, on several locations in the camping. You can get access to that after paying the relevant charge at the reception. More information you can get about this at the reception from our colleagues.
The electricity is with 230V and 50 Hz.

What type of sockets are available in the camping?

In the camping we have Type F sockets. Would you have any non-compatible plug, we kindly ask you to bring an adapter, we won’t be able to provide one.

Shall I bring any extension cable?

Although we provide access to the electricity at several spots, we still suggest to bring an extension cable, as in some cases (depending on the actual need) you might need to plug in at a more distant spot.
At the reception we have a limited supply of extension cables, which you can borrow after paying a deposit, but we still suggest to bring an extension cable.

I drive an electric car, what do I need to know?

Please note, that charging your electric car is not allowed in the camping. Would you require information about charging stations, please turn to our reception.


What do I need to know about the traffic regulations?

Police will be responsible for the traffic diversion around Hungaroring. Traffic order (one-way, directions) may change through the day depending on the actual situation. Please be prepared, that one-way diversion, restrictions and serious traffic jam may occur, especially 1-2 hours before the start and the end of the program. Please check the actual traffic regulations and plan your trip accordingly.

I’ll arrive by car. What do I need to take in consideration in case I’d like to drive in and out from the camping?

Over your stay you can drive in and out with your car from the campsite. As the vehicles won’t be registered separately, we kindly ask you to show your own wristbands while driving in and out from the camping to our colleagues.
We also suggest, if you leave your spot, but would still return, to mark the spot of the car (for example with a camping chair), to avoid that someone else parks there or builds another tent there.

What other travel options are available?

Public transport

Next to our camping there’s a village called Szilasliget, where there’s a suburban railway (HÉV) H8 station. One of its endstation is the train station in the city called Gödöllő, in the other direction you can get to Budapest, Örs vezér tere, from where you can access the metro line M2.
At the gate 3 you can access a public bus line as well, for more details about that please study the official website of the Hungaroring.


Some taxi companies offer their services too, for actual conditions please check the official website of the Hungaroring or the mobile application of the taxi companies. Ordering a taxi is possible via the application.

Waste management

What do I need to do with my waste?

Once you arrive, you’ll receive waste bags from our colleagues at the reception. Please use these for waste collection. Once you leave, please bring them to the collection point closest to your spot.


Can I drink the water from the tap?

Please don’t drink water from the shower or tap, you can buy drinking water in the buffett.

Do I need to pay any charge to be able to use the showers?

No, using the showers is included in the price, no further charge occur for that.

Is there any possibility to wash my dishes in the camping?

Yes, next to the shower containers there’s a sink accessible for that.

Security and safety

How can I prove that I stay in the camping?

Once you arrive, you’ll receive a wristband, which you should wear clearly visible through your stay. Once you leave or enter the camping you should always show that to our colleagues.

What do I need to do in case my wristband is damaged or lost?

Please go to the reception with your booking confirmation, our colleagues will provide a new wristband for you.

What do you do for the safety of your guests?

In our camping we operate a non-stop reception and we have non stop guards on site. In the evening time there are also guards with watchdogs in charge. In case of emergency we can contact the police and the civil guards.

Food, tobacco, entertainment

Is there any meal available in the camping?

In the camping we operate a buffet, where you can buy, water, soft drinks, coffee and alcoholic drinks. We also plan another buffet, which will offer streetfood. In the morning hours we also offer a limited supply of pre-packaged bread.

Where else could I get food and drinks?

At gate 6 there are additional options available.
In the closest village, Szilasliget (part of town Kerepes) with a ca. 30 mins walk you can access a shop, by car there are additional options in the surrounding area available. Our colleagues at the reception can help you to find the most suitable option.

Where can I get tobacco?

In Hungary you can buy tobacco only in shops, which are licenced to sell such products. These type of shops are called ’Nemzeti Dohánybolt’. In the closest village, Szilasliget there’s one available. For more details feel free to turn to our colleagues at the reception.

What other entertainment options are available out of the race in the surrounding area?

About programs organized by Hungaroring Zrt. you can find more details at their official website. About any other options you can get more information or recommendations from our colleagues at the reception.

For our guests arriving with a camper:

Where could I get access to water for my vehicle?

At the shower containers, next to the sink there’s a tap, where you can fill the container of your vehicle.

Where could I empty the chemical waste container?

Next to the shower containers at the toilet spot we assign one toilet which you can get access to to empty your container.

What type of cable and plug can I use?

In our camping we have type F sockets, with electricity (230V, 50 Hz). We are not in position to provide adapters or transformers, so we kindly ask you to make sure that you have suitable equipment in your vehicle.


I have disabilities or special needs, do I need to know anything?

Would you have any special needs, please inform our colleagues about that while booking.

Can I bring my pet with myself?

Yes, you can, as long the pet won’t disturb other guests. Please let us know in case you’d like to bring any pets. Dogs shall be kept on a leash within the territory of the campsite.

I’m looking for a parkplace only, I don’t need accomodation. What can you offer for me?

Our campsite is not available for parking purposes only. There are several options around Hungaroring available, gratis or charged, please use any of those. For the available options please check the official website of Hungaroring Zrt.

I’d like to borrow a tent/cabin etc. What options can you provide?

We are sorry, but we can’t lend any of those, please bring your own tent and camping equipment.

What payment options are available during the race weekend?

Around Hungaroring usually you are able to pay by card, accepted currencies mainly are HUF and EUR. As in some cases you can pay only by cash, we suggest to prepare accordingly.
In the buffet in the camping you can pay by card or cash, but our colleagues at the reception can only accept cash. Accepted currencies are HUF and EUR.

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